Pinoys In America

Pinoys in America

Published in 2008 as Mini Mag style flyers goes to press,
Meles’s goal was to help her friends to obtain a little funding through other small businesses. However, as printing cost has risen, funding has not kept pace with the need.
It has taken a decade of thinking about doing this Mini- Mag flyers two times a month.
I would like to thanks our dear lord savior, for the monumental healing after a physical tragic event and now, Pinoy Flyers, his will is done.
In Appreciation…
  • To Randi, Mynda, Delsey, Cristy, Chad, Clyde and Ruthie of Maui.
  • Thank sons, for allowing me to have your children’s photos and believing in me.
  • My love to all nephews, nieces and extended families: ate Regi, aunties Nila and Katie and friends Galore.
  • My late parents Bernabe E. and María Rellobido Prudencio for giving me a powerful foundation: Family Vallies, emotional, physical, education and most importantly, spiritual.
  • Last but no least, my past, present and future advertisers.
To entertain, empower and instruct 
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Covering social, business, gathering, love, stories and jokes.
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