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Mele Rabara

Dream big! Many years of media has paved the way and opened doors to having my own magazine. It’s been a journey with many lessons learned. There are so many people to thanks. First and foremost: Could I have made it on my own?

Perhaps, but with God, yes! Of course! And I cannot leave out the love and support of my family, friends and advertisers because of you, this first issue, my dream, is no longer a dream.

Everyone that I have in my life, especially my colleagues  and my closest women friends were the source of my inspiration and strength. Thanks you all!                                                                                                                                                                                Anyone with a strong desire and the ability and talent that God bestow can make their dreams come true. May your dreams are true.


  My Experiences:

- Social Editor Ang Tinig weekly newspaper.

- Roving Reporter: For Gemma Cruz

- Araneta’s Mini – Graphic Magazine

- Columnist / Acct. Executive

- Observer Maui Filipino paper

- Radio Broadcaster certified w/ Unesco Radio and Tv broadcasting

- Work for KMVI – KAOI – KPMW on Maui and KNDI in Honolulu

- Presently with Pinoy Power KPRP radio.


Mele Rabara

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